Jacque received a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA in 1985.  From 1980-1986 Jacque was employed by the firm of Lasseigne & Legett Architects, Inc., Baton Rouge, LA where he performed manual and computer aided drafting.  From 1986-1987 Jacque was employed by the firm of Laws & Schmieder, Inc., Port Allen, LA and was responsible for computer aided design and drafting of a parish wide mapping system and for the reduction of surveyors field notes.  He was also responsible for topographic and boundary survey maps.  From 1987-1992 Jacque was employed by Barnard & Burk Engineers, Baton Rouge, LA as a Design Engineer-In-Training specializing in the design of Civil/Structural Petro-Chemical Engineering projects.  From 1992-1993 Jacque was employed by RPM Engineering, Inc., Baton Rouge, LA.  He was responsible for engineering design specifications and cost estimates on Civil/Structural Petro-Chemical Engineering Projects.  In August, 1993, Jacque began employment with Young Wardlaw, Ltd., Jackson, MS and Baton Rouge, LA.  He became the Vice President in January of 1995 and the Managing Member in January of 2010.  As the principal of record, Jacque oversees all engineering design, preparation of construction documents and all other required structural services.  He is registered as a professional engineer in the states of Louisiana (License No. 26112), Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas.  During his employment with Wardlaw & Lasseigne, LLC and its predecessor firms, Jacque has been the Structural Engineer of Record on several commercial and industrial projects with construction budgets up to $100 million.


Ryan LeBouef

Ryan is a licensed Engineer in Training responsible for structural design and the production of structural three dimensional models and construction documents.  Ryan has an intense interest in building structures and advanced knowledge of the RAM family of structural analysis software as well as Autodesk Revit.  He has been employed with Wardlaw & Lasseigne, LLC since May 2008.


Craig Lasseigne

Craig is a structural designer responsible for the production of three dimensional models and construction documents.  With his knowledge and skills, Craig leads our Building Information Modeling effort.  Prior to joining Wardlaw & Lasseigne, LLC, Craig was employed with the URS Corporation for three years where he worked as a structural designer producing three dimensional models for the Petro-Chemical Industry.  He has been employed with Wardlaw & Lasseigne, LLC since May 2008. 


Rusty Dupuy

Rusty is a licensed Professional Engineer responsible for structural design, the production of structural construction documents and construction administration services.  Rusty’s talents allow him to specialize in the design of the more complicated, intricate projects.  Prior to his employment at Wardlaw & Lasseigne, LLC, we was employed by Modjeski and Masters, Inc., New Orleans, as a bridge inspector.  He has been employed with Wardlaw & Lasseigne, LLC since July, 2001.


Patricia Bourgeois

Patricia is a degreed Architect responsible for the production of three dimensional structural models and construction documents.  With her extensive architectural background, knowledge of Autodesk Revit and interest in structures, Patricia understands how to merge the structural discipline with architectural.  Prior to joining Wardlaw & Lasseigne, LLC, Patricia was employed with Grace and Hebert Architects, Ralph Kiper & Associates and Robert L.  Lunsford, Architect.


Robin Allman

Robin is an administrative assistant responsible for accounts payable, accounts receivable and clerical duties.  She has been employed with our company since January, 2000.


Derossic Allen

Derossic is recent graduate at Scotlandville Magnet High School. A participant in the Academy of Engineering Program, Derossic is currently undergoing an internship with Wardlaw and Lasseigne, LLC as part of his educational requirements. He is passionate about Engineering and Football, alike, and aspires to pursue a college Football scholarship to a school that will also enable him to engage in an Engineering curiculum. Derossic is a hardworking and intelligent young man. He has received training in Revit, a structural engineering program, and is using his skills to make Wardlaw Lasseigne, LLC function at an even more prestigious level.


Allison Pumilia

Allison is a Graphic Designer who manages the Wardlaw & Lasseigne, LLC Website and Facebook Page.